I think you have found one

anonymous app

service and anonymous chat website, heyhey (heyhey.me) lets users ask anonymously. When you create an account you are given a profile and a webpage that allows you to

talk to strangers

with whoever (anonym) visits your profile. You share your profile link with your friends. You can share it on social media. Facebook , Instagram , and Snapchat is good for finding

anonymous friends

to chat. When anonyms come, they are given anonymous nicknames, so you don't know who you are chatting with. Users can chat with many anonyms. There are big fans of anonym questions. Teens love ask anonymously. The numbers of people who use anonymous app services which are anonymous based are good examples. I have been using the anonymous chat for a few days and it is really fun to chat with anonym. It reminds me of chat roulette. It is easy to find some anonym friend to chat with. Some of my friends ask anonymously usually, so I can ask

anonymous questions

. Some of my friends have chatted to thousands of anonyms in just a few months. This is the most important sign that heyhey (heyhey.me) will be one of the best anonymous app to allow your friends chat anonymously with you. If youngsters are using this anonymous chat site it means it is really "superb". I think anonymous questions will spread on social media. Omegle, ribony and ask.fm have many users. People love to

talk to strangers

and they also love to be anonymous. So numbers of anonymous chat will increase in the future. As your friends identities are anonymous your friends can ask everything to you that they normally cannot ask. They can tell their thoughts and criticisms about you by being anonym. They can declare their secret love to you. Realtime chat nature of heyhey (heyhey.me) allows you to respond to them immediately. You can always discover new ways to use anonymous chat! I hope you will enjoy too while your friends chat anonymously with you. It's really funny to ask and learn anonyms thoughts about you. I post my

anonymous chat

profile on facebook and twitter and 5 minutes later there are 10 of my friends chatting with me which they are anonymous. When I am chatting with anonyms, I want to be anonym too sometimes. I really recommend heyhey (heyhey.me) to who loves anonymous app and anonym thing. Especially who use talkd and anonimsin will love that ask anonymously with your friends thing. Maybe it will be a new phenomenon of internet. I said that because usage of chat services are very high. Teens refer chat to speaking. Actually this is totally different topic but I want to mention about too. Chat is our daily routine now. We use Whatsapp and another chat services every day. We chat on facebook or google.
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